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Young’s Legacy Landscaping

Following his lifetime passion for landscaping and specimen trees, Scott Deniston partnered with Tony Medina and formed Young’s Legacy Landscaping. Together Scott and Tony ran the landscape crew for Young’s Nurseries installing landscapes for numerous landscape architects ranging cost from $200 up to 1.5 million dollars. Over 25 years we installed 25 to 40 million dollars of plantings.

For a short history on our previous business Young’s Nurseries, read here. We are also proud to feature Young’s at Three Rivers, a business we owned in the past and that is still thriving.

Scott Deniston

Scott Deniston acquired along the years a vast education, knowledge, and experience in landscaping, arbor science and tree care. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Horticulture, he is a CT Arborist for more than 30 years (Licence # 62225), accredited by the CT Nursery & Landscape Association, he taught tree ID for CT Arborist class at Bartlett Arboretum. Scott was the owner and GM of Young’s Nurseries for the past 18 years, traveled extensively as Woody Plant Buyer around US selecting specimen plant material, lining stock for the field operation and ran the landscaping crew with Tony Medina (foreman and now partner).

Antonio Medina (Tony)

Tony Medina brings his vast experience on the jobsite as Senior Foreman for Young’s Nursery. He is in charge of the crew and insures that projects get properly done and in a timely manner. He was Young’s Nurseries Senior Foreman for 20 years and has been responsible for installations ranging from a few shrubs to 1.5 million dollar plantings. Tony is a big tree specialist and he coordinated and executed numerous jobs that require large tree moving, transplanting and installation. He is in charge of coordinating with trades: irrigation, excavation, masonry, fencing, lighting and pool installation.

Our Process

  • Site appraisal and consultation
  • Sourcing Specimen Material
  • Site preparation
  • Site preservation as the job is in process
  • Installation
  • Finishing touches, applying mulch and turf
  • Cleaning of the job site
  • Watering and fertilizer upon completion of the job
  • Educating our clients about the new plants installed

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    We specialize in designing and enhancing outdoor living spaces and landscapes. From simple garden landscapes to luxury outdoor living spaces, residential and commercial, our fully staffed and equipped team of landscaping professionals is dedicated to providing you with the most professional service.