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Young’s Legacy Landscape is offering professional landscaping services in Darien – CT. With over 39 years of experience in landscaping and hundreds of satisfied customers, Young’s Legacy Landscape are your go-to company for all your landscaping needs.

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We offer top of the line irrigation services that ensure the survivability and sustainability for your plant life. Our irrigation crew has over 39 years of experience in installing irrigation systems that avoid de dangers of overwatering.

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We specialize in providing the finest quality nursery stock available on the local market. We carefully choose trees and shrubs that best suit your garden soil and even personal style, to make sure the plant life thrives in your area.

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    We specialize in designing and enhancing outdoor living spaces and landscapes. From simple garden landscapes to luxury outdoor living spaces, residential and commercial, our fully staffed and equipped team of landscaping professionals is dedicated to providing you with the most professional service.