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Young’s Legacy Landscape is offering professional landscaping services in Litchfield County – CT. With over 39 years of experience in landscaping and hundreds of satisfied customers, Young’s Legacy Landscape are your go-to company for all your landscaping needs.


The installation process takes a lot of factors into consideration, from soil type, to drainage and soil compaction and much more. We use organic composts and root stimulating fertilizers in our planting process for the best results.


Moving large trees and shrubs is a delicate process, factoring in the time of the year, size, age and root ball of the tree or shrub, site accessability and so on. Ensuring survivability and sustainability is our goal here.

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    We specialize in designing and enhancing outdoor living spaces and landscapes. From simple garden landscapes to luxury outdoor living spaces, residential and commercial, our fully staffed and equipped team of landscaping professionals is dedicated to providing you with the most professional service.